Ball is Life

I’ve been on a mission to get out and shoot “just ‘cause” more often. So I watched a group of guys play a few pickup games at Cal Anderson Park one day last week. It was unexpectedly therapeutic. Oddly soothing for the homesickness I’ve been feeling these last few days. I didn’t know any of these guys, but they felt really familiar. I’ve been talking a lot, lately, about how prevalent this theme of kinship between black folks is becoming in my photography work. It was beautiful to feel what I’ve been talking about. And I love joy in these few photographs from the other day.


Fall Refresh

I recently redesigned brand cards for The Underdog Co, and I’m so in love with the final product. I’ve been laboring extensively behind the scenes to continue to challenge and elevate this love child of mine. All of this started as a passion project, something I decided to do to give myself a mental break from my undergrad course load. Never imagined I’d still be doing this eight years later, but I love it. I’ve taken some pretty big L’s and learned a lot of shit the hard way, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It never gets old. And all of the messages still resonate and encourage me on the regular. The Underdog Co is what happens when passion, purpose, and curiosity collide. 

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