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Swagger & Spice & Everything Nice.

Today marks the end of my first week as a Creative Director.  I've been haunted in my dreams (*blinking text:  Dramatization*) by creative concepts for portrait projects, as well as ways to really turn the branding projects on my plate into something amazing. But there's an element of fear that comes along with self-employment; an air of uncertainty lingers in that reality. 7 days ago, a really honest and blunt conversation with a friend thrust a mirror in front of me. It was exactly what I needed in order to dig deep and embrace the direction of the trajectory of my life. The day comes when you have to take that leap, when you have to really trust your instincts and talent and own it. That's where I am. And it's already been one hell of  a ride. So many people in my network have banded together to support me, encourage me and reinforce my spine with confidence. The projects I've had an opportunity to work on have been nothing short of amazing. It's incredible how things come together when you commit to pushing yourself and creativity to the limit.

One of the projects I've been working on behind the scenes is a branding overhaul for Seattle Chef, Tarik Abdullah. I'd begun working with Chef Tarik during the summer on an array of micro projects that are intricate pieces of a seamless brand. Yesterday, we got together to create some new visuals for the new Chef Tarik Abdullah website. The best thing about getting to work with passionate people is the raw energy and creative fireworks that are ignited when two of said passionate forces collide. I'm super stoked about how this project is coming together. We're about a month out from the launch, but here's a little peek at what's happening behind the scenes.

I can't wait to share the project, but here's a first look at a portrait series we're cooking up. We're super excited about how the first couple of portraits in this series turned out.  Inspiration is everywhere, and collaborations breeds some of the most interesting and creative perspectives of art and craft.