EVERYDAY BLACK exhibit asks, “Do You See Me Now?”



by Lola E. Peters

The first clue was the full parking lot at Northwest African American Museum (NAAM). The opening reception for the Everyday Black exhibit was scheduled to begin at 6:00pm, and it was 5:55pm. One of the few bonuses of being physically challenged is the parking placard that usually enables me to find an open Handicap-signed spot. Otherwise, there was not an empty parking place anywhere in the close lot. By the time I reached the front door, there was a line. Once in the museum, I found at least 50 people had already entered ahead of me. The crowd was a mixture of race, gender, and age. People brought their children: babes in strollers, elementary school age, pre-teens, and teenagers. This was a family event, a community event, an all-of-us event. Continue reading Everyday Black Exhibit Ask “Do You See Me Now?”→

Jessica RychealComment