Everyday Black, a new milestone

2017 has been full of wins, losses, steps forward, a few nasty falls, significant professional advancement, and lots of self-discovery. I’m honored to be able to officially announce another huge milestone as we close out the year, my first museum exhibition. I’ll be exhibiting some of my photography work alongside Zorn B. Taylor at the Northwest African-American Museum this coming January. I can’t articulate the amount of joy, pride, excitement, hype, and nervousness swirling inside of me.

I have endless gratitude for the team who worked tirelessly to bring this together. Thank you a million times over C Davida Ingram and Leilani Lewis for providing a seat at the table. Thank you Barbara Earl ThomasSurface LinkEve Janeen SanfordDavid Rue, and Mackensie Hotz, Jamala, Jared, Marie Kidhe, Chieko Phillips, and the Northwest African American Museum. I’m incredibly grateful to the village of folks who’ve held me up, supported my work and hustle, reminded me to rest and prioritize self-care, and loved me through the polar swings between highs and lows. 

Everyday Black features contemporary portraits by photographers Jessica Rycheal and Zorn B. Taylor. This new exhibition showcases the work of two artists as they explore the intersections and identities that are held within blackness.
Through their intimate and honest photographs, Rycheal and Taylor present snapshots that beautifully bear witness to the everyday lives of everyday black folks in Seattle and beyond.
Curated by C. Davida Ingram and Leilani Lewis


Join us at the Everyday Black Opening Reception to celebrate blackness, community, and portraits of us by us. We outchea! Come kick it. Bring your homies.



Images: Joy is the new black, Jessica Rycheal, 2016