“Framing Blackness” at the University of Washington
There are so many reasons to be mad right now, especially in this sociopolitical climate, but she presented the issues in an eloquent way that was especially inspiring to all people — not just Black people.

I’m still high off of all the energy and love from the University of Washington last week. Sooooooo many beautiful affirmation, great conversations, new connections, hugs, a few tears, and an incredibly validating experience for me. I felt so much warmth and gratitude. Thank you, UW, for allow me to occupy the spaces authentically, and to hold honest, raw and vulnerable conversations about blackness and visibility both nights. Special thanks to everyone who came out in the snow and ice to support both programs. I’m so grateful for it all.

Photo: Elleyce, University of Washington ASUW

Photo: Elleyce, University of Washington ASUW

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