Jessica Rycheal is an Interdiscplinary Storyteller and Senior Art Director from Macon, Georgia. Rycheal received a BFA from Georgia Southern University. After spending a few years cultivating her talents in the southeast, Rycheal relocated to Seattle. She's carved space for herself in the pacific northwest with a career in visual design strategy and art direction. Projects for global brands like Amazon, Gatorade, and Under Armour have employed Jessica’s leadership and expertise from Seattle-based agencies to studios in Germany. 

I love the way she inspires others to be more thoughtful and intentional in design. Jessica is bold and challenges the design status quo.
— Peer Review, Amazon 2019

Rycheal’s debut museum exhibition, Everyday Black—a contemporary photography exhibit at the Northwest African-American Museum—pulled her activism around black visibility and inclusive representation into focus. Her portraits explore the depth and humanity of blackness, in a sociopolitical climate where inequity and displacement eclipse black visibility. Rycheal’s photography archive affirms the individuality of black folks by capturing her subjects with an honest intimacy that makes them feel familiar, like kinfolk. Her body of work is a homage to the beauty and heroism of blackness and its resilience.

However, Jessica’s healing journey and a few intuitive guides led her back to her first love, writing. Her sultry approach to storytelling blends spoken word and song, as she ushers her audiences through wittingly transparent tales of healing, generational trauma, self-love, and romance. Her performances have been featured at Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Public Library, and Seattle Womxn’s March.

Though the mediums through which Jessica Rycheal works are varied, the common thread unifying her diverse means of expression is story-telling. It is this passion for storytelling that yields the emotive, impactful and relatable body of both strategy and creative work for which Rycheal is known.




The Art of Black Urbanism
University of Washington, Seattle
Gould Gallery, 2019

Everyday Black
Seattle Foundation
Westlake Center, 2019

Everyday Black
Northwest African American Museum
Northwest Gallery, 2018

The Skin I’m In
TAF Bethaday Communiity Center
Seattle, 2015-2016

“Proof,”  Jessica Rycheal. Digital portrait, 2016.

“Proof,” Jessica Rycheal. Digital portrait, 2016.

Curated by C. Davida Ingram and Leilani Lewis, Northwest African American Museum, 2018

Blackness has long played a crucial part in how we understand race in the United States. Contemporary artists Jessica Rycheal and Zorn B. Taylor use the camera’s lens to shine a light on notions of race and chosen communities through portraiture. Along the way, they offer up their own meaningful meditations on black communities in their photography.

Everyday Black is a contemporary show with an overarching theme of resilience and proves that one not need a Hollywood glam squad and designer clothes to be regal, elegant and striking. Simply put, the show is relatable and the subjects are all of us.